When to visit Krabi

Krabi enjoys a tropical climate with the temperature rarely dropping below 27C in the daytime, year round (the average is around 32C). There are two seasons, dry and rainy, defined by the reversal of the monsoon winds.

The northeasterly winds bring the driest weather from around December to April, with the temperature getting progressively hotter as the months go by. The southwesterly winds make rain more prevalent during May – November, with the wettest months tending to be September and October. But the seasonal changeover does not always happen on schedule so, for example, it is possible that the rain starts “early” in April one year and not until mid-June the next.

Weather-wise, the ideal time to visit Krabi is in late January to March, when you are sure to enjoy nearly perfect conditions: calm, glassy seas; clear blue skies; moderate temperatures; and only a tiny chance of shower burst. By coming at this time, you also avoid the peak season supplements the hotels charge around Christmas and New Year.

This time is, naturally, extremely busy here, so you may find popular hotels and beaches full, especially around the Chinese New Year. Some people prefer to visit Krabi in the ‘rainy’ off-season, despite the risk of showers, as it is cooler, cheaper and much less crowded – it is even possible to have a whole island to yourself!

Booking a holiday during the monsoon months of May-November remains, however, a gamble: while the typical rainy season pattern is of sunny days punctuated by short, heavy showers, you could just as easily end up with ten days of unbroken rain – or sun!

For more information about the rainy season, see our guide to the tourist low season in Krabi.

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