Thailand Biennale brings international art to Krabi

Krabi is to host the first Thailand Biennale of contemporary art, which kicks off on 2 November 2018. As a popular tourist destination, with no strong tradition of art , it may seem an unlikely choice for such an event, but it is precisely this contradiction that makes the central exhibition, entitled “Edge of the Wonderland” so fascinating.

Featuring 54 Thai and international artists, the site-specific works are installed all around Krabi’s stunning natural landscapes, including islands, beaches, national parks, forests, caves, riversides and in public spaces in the town, and draw on the the area’s rich natural and cultural heritage for inspiration. The pieces come to life in situ as they respond to and interact with the unpredictable weather, light and natural framing.

From Richard Streitmatter-Tran and Visarnsak Savangkaew’s ethereal woodland sculptures in Tharnbok Khorani National Park to Félix Blume’s sound installations played by the motion of the waves in Klong Muang and Yuree Kensaku’s pop culture reimagining of a longtail boat, expect an other-worldly meeting of nature and art, that explores the clash – and the harmony – between nature, myth and artifice. A full list of artists and maps of the installation sites is available here in the downloadable Biennale catalogue.

The event runs for 4 months, until end of February 2019 and also features an international art competition, exhibits at the Andaman Cultural Centre in Krabi Town and various workshops, talks and panel discussions with artists, curators and academics. Local craftspeople and schools will also be involved, with shows, an “art & culture market” and parades to launch the festival in November.

It’s an exciting start to the high season in Krabi!

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