Relaxing Krabi

If you are coming from a city, you may find Krabi stuck in the slow lane. Instead of spending your time trying to find a good 4G connection*, take the opportunity to shift down a couple of gears, turn off your phone and embrace the relaxed pace of life here. An afternoon nap is a good place to start. Then perhaps explore one of the many places available to do exactly nothing – or at most read a book.

Suggested itinerary?

Day 1 – Hot springs
Day 2 – Hong island cruise
Day 3 – Massage on beach -> or golf?

Try watching the clouds go by at the Hot Springs, or feel the wind in your hair as you cruise the islands. Finally, incorporate a long lunch and a Thai massage into your holiday routine and feel all that horrible city stress slip away. Now you just have to resist the urge to Instagram it.

It is worth noting that the vast majority of hotels on the mainland are not located on – or even near – the beach. So if you are seeking an escape from the world, make sure you book a beachfront or seaview hotel. This will greatly increase your chances of winding down. Having the sea in front of the hotel means walks on the beach, sipping drinks in front of the sunset, and other such stress-busting activities are all easily at hand.

*For Facebook addicts, there are actually several Thai 4G providers that cover Krabi now – AIS, DTAC and True; all hotels and most restaurants will also provide wi-fi connections.

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