Weather and climate in Krabi

Krabi is in a tropical climate zone, only 8 degrees above the equator. There are two seasons here: hot and dry; and ‘cool’ and wet – although the temperature rarely drops below 27C year round. These weather seasons roughly correspond with the tourist high season (from November to April) and low season (from May to October) – most people preferring to visit during the hotter, drier months.

But, unfortunately, the monsoon winds that control Krabi’s weather do not switch direction on time every year, which means that the rain can (for example) start late in June, stop for a couple of months and continue well into January.

So there can be rain during the ‘dry’ season, particularly at the start, as well as gloriously sunny spells for sometimes weeks at a time during the ‘rainy’ season. The only weather that can be almost guaranteed during the year is a dry heatwave in March and April (up to 37C) and prolonged rainy spells in late September and October.

Yearly temperatures in Krabi average around 28-32C during the day, with a maximum of around 37C during March and April and a minimum of 24C – usually a temporary drop during a big rainstorm. With the humidity though, the “feels like” temperature is usually around 5C higher than the actual air temperature.

The tropical climate means humidity levels are high throughout the year, from 60% to 95% – if you are sensitive to humidity, avoid going on any jungle treks or visits to National Parks where the greenery makes things worse. You can also give up all hope of your hair staying straight.

At night, the temperature drops around 5-10C and you may feel chilly if you have been out in the sun all day – you should pack a light, non-woolly sweater or shawl for the evenings.

The sea temperature is a very pleasant 28-30C all year round.

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