Krabi island cruises

Cruise your way around the islands of the Andaman Sea

Several companies, based locally and in Phuket, offer short cruises around the uninhabited islands of the Andaman Sea. There are varying levels of luxury on board and various types of craft from small yachts to replica Chinese junks. For jetset levels of service, it will be necessary to depart from Phuket.

Large cruise vessels are not common, except for the international tour boat that comes north from Malaysia once a week during high season. These boats are actually banned from approaching Krabi’s coastline and are anyway not a practical way of visiting the islands as you will end up only watching the beautiful beaches pass by from afar, while you must stay on deck.

The main benefit of cruising with a smaller boat is that they can arrive at the islands before the day crowds and stay after they leave for an unforgettable sunset dinner.

Some dive schools in Krabi also offer so-called ‘liveaboard’ packages, a sort of ‘dive cruise’ with the similar advantage of avoiding the crowds by being the first boat at the dive sites in the morning. These often travel further afield, for example to the Similan Islands.

For those with their own yacht who wish to go sailing in Krabi, please see the marina information on our Getting to Krabi (by boat) page.

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