How to plan your Krabi holidays

If you’re interested in visiting Krabi but don’t know where to start, this page will attempt to answer some of your questions.

First of all, there is little reason not to organise your trip yourself. Although this may seem daunting, Krabi, like most of Thailand, is very tourist-friendly and there is a developed infrastructure for independent travellers. Plus, on this site you should be able to find most of the information you need to plan your holiday. From where to stay and what to see and do, we have Krabi covered!

Another reason to plan your holiday independently is the resorts in Krabi. Not only are they very cheap compared with equivalent hotels in the west, but there are hundreds of small, friendly places that don’t even make it onto the package tour radar. You can read our Krabi hotel reviews to get some idea of what is on offer.

Budgeting for a holiday can be tricky, especially in a country you’ve never visited, so we have created a Krabi budget planner to help you get an idea of the expenses you will incur outside of your accommodation. There’s even packing advice and a guide to the climate and seasons so you can work out the best time to visit.

Finally, so you can plan your travel schedule, we’ve included information about getting to Krabi, with bus, boat and flight information, and a guide to getting around Krabi for when you are here. And of course, there are maps of the region as well.

Below, we’ve laid out these steps more clearly, with links to take you to pages with more detailed information. Please note that the pages on this website only cover mainland Krabi: although a lot will also be applicable on the islands, we advise you to check our dedicated sites, the Phi Phi Islands Guide and the Lanta Islands Guide for information specific to those places.

1. Decide where to stay

The first step in planning is deciding whereabouts to base your holiday. Our area guides give an overview of the different beaches where you can stay.

Once you’ve chosen an area, you can research and book a resort either from our recommendations, or other online sources. You’ll also find booking advice, should you need it.

2. Plan activities

To help you plan your holiday in Krabi, we’ve put together three different itineraries for a 3-day, 7-day and 2-week visit. These are only suggestions – mix and match according to your tastes! Or browse and get more suggestions in our Activities & Tours page (tip: use the filters to narrow your search).

3. Prepare for your trip

We’ve also included all the boring but essential details to ensure your holiday in Krabi goes as smoothly as possible:

Getting to Krabi
Getting around Krabi
What to bring (packing advice)
Budget planner
When to vist (climate and weather)
Maps of Krabi

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