The Your Krabi guidebook

Krabi Guidebook

About the guidebook

Your Krabi was the first ever guidebook dedicated to Krabi Province in Thailand, published in November 2006 to wide acclaim.

The guide is in full colour, with more than 400 colour photographs and detailed maps in Thai and English, as well as practical information that will help you plan the logistics of your holiday, and also be of use when you are here.

Special features give background information about all the tourist attractions and activities in Krabi, including those off the beaten path, while knowledgable chapters on food, people and culture offer an easy-to-digest insight into the life of the area.

Although some of the information is now out of date (prices, restaurant listings), the majority of the content is still relevant. However, we are unable to sell / deliver any remaining copies currently; this may change and we will update here if that is the case.

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