Krabi adventure activities

In addition to the plethora of natural adventures – climbing, diving, caving and rafting to name a few – that Krabi’s rugged landscape offers, the incredible environment has inspired some fantastic manmade extreme or action adventure sports.

For a driving adventure, take a ride on an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle, also known as a quad bike). ATVs can be rented by the hour (price approximately 1200 baht) in the Ao Nang area for those who wish to try them out – though quite a lot of the “terrain” here is on normal roads or through plantations, as there is little wild countryside. More serious drivers can take a two hour guided trek in Nai Sa to the north of Krabi that really tests out the vehicle’s capabilities off-road. Be aware that quad bikes in some camps can be in poor condition after thousands of inexperienced drivers have worn down the gears and brakes. Always ask to test drive before you set off.

Speed freaks can try the go-kart circuit in Sai Thai. The 1km long course, with its hairpin bends, can be undertaken in 3 different types of kart: a 270cc four stroke engine, available in single and double seater version – the latter with dual controls, ideal (and required) for riding with children under 12; a 420cc single seater for teens or adults who like a bit more power; or the 2 stroke competition-level kart with speeds of up to 90 – 100km/h. It’s not cheap however, at 850 – 1200 baht for a 10 minute ride!

The speedway holds regular open races, so keen go-karters should look out for them when they are here.

Those who like a physical challenge can try the circuits at Tree Top Adventure Park, with its rope bridges, ziplines, air surfing and flying skateboards and bicycles, all suspended in an ancient forest surrounded by cliffs – again not for those afraid of heights. All the gear and safety equipment required is provided; you need only bring some sturdy shoes and a strong mental attitude to get you through the course.

Zip through the canopy at Tree Top

Copycat versions of Tree Top, Krabi Fun Park and Ao Nang Fiore Zipline, also opened recently – and both were in fact designed by the creator of the original Tree Top course. So the quality is the same, and both have the advantage of being located much closer to Ao Nang and the other tourist areas, even if they do not provide quite the same atmosphere as the original.

Thai’d Up Adventures, on the other hand, was built by climbers, and is probably the most extreme of the bunch, with the eye watering 70m high abseiling platform, a 250m long zipline, and ladders that feel more precarious than they are (everything is stringently safety-tested). It’s also close to Ao Nang and Krabi Town.

So which park to choose? If you have younger children (under 7), the easy course at Ao Nang Fiore is the best choice as it has a low height restriction at 100cm, and is very gentle. Krabi Fun Park is the best if your children are aged 7 – 10 and have never done ziplining, as the “medium” course here is exactly that – more challenging than Ao Nang Fiore, but not as tough as the others. Kids who have a head for heights, and some experience, will enjoy the challenges of the Thai’d Up courses (also available to anyone over 100cm).

For teens and adults, Thai’d Up, the hard course at Krabi Fun Park, extreme course at Ao Nang Fiore, or the half day program at Tree Top will all suit equally well. To differentiate, you may wish to consider price, proximity to your hotel and flexibility in timing: for example, Tree Top only offers 2 lengthy half day sessions, whereas the others are more flexible and offer shorter 2 hour sessions.

All these activities are a great way to relieve pent-up stress and tension – the adrenaline rush alone will release happy-making endorphins that will leave you on a natural high.

Go-karting and ATV operators require drivers to be over the age of 12; and anyone under 16 requires adult supervision alongside; children aged 4 – 12 may travel as passengers with an adult (over 16) driver. As ATVs are vehicles that can be tough even for adults to handle and the terrain can be pretty rough, we would err on the side of caution and advise drivers here to be over 14, and any child passengers to be aged 7 or over. All riders can choose between ATVs with manual or automatic gears.

Note: for those seeking bungy jumping in Krabi, the one existing operator in Sai Thai unfortunately closed a few years ago. Many websites still give the impression that it is open, but we can tell you that it is not! Apparently there were not enough brave souls ready to try their hand at Thailand’s highest bungy jump.

Also available in Krabi are shooting ranges, including archery, and a paintball park, for those who want to get some target practice in.

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