First time visitors to Krabi

If you’ve never visited Krabi before, start here. You will find all the information you will need to plan your holiday in Krabi, from where to stay, what to do and how to do it. You will also find the dull, but essential practical stuff you need to make it happen: Krabi flight schedules, packing advice and budget planners. Honestly, we have thought of every detail you may need to make your Krabi holiday go smoothly!

Plan your trip

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When & how to come

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Where to stay

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While you are here

If it’s your first time in any place, it’s tempting to restrict yourself to the “must-sees” – like on the list above. Remember that these are not necessarily the same for everyone – if you are travelling with young children or elderly family, it may be that your needs are different. Or it could simply be that these things don’t match your own interests.

So do also check our itinerary ideas – we have suggestions for all types of traveller and whatever your holiday mood to help you to find your Krabi!

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