Classic Krabi: must dos and sees

Just looking for the must-sees in Krabi? Perhaps you are doing a “grand tour” of Thailand with several stops around the kingdom, and only have a few nights to spare; or planning a first time weekend break and want to know what the highlights of Krabi are.

Either way, if you don’t have any particular preference or interest (islands, adventure, culture etc. which can be found on other dedicated pages), we have compiled a list of classic activities and trips, taking in Krabi’s most popular attractions and holiday areas, both inland and out at sea.

All things listed below are unique to Krabi – that is, they can’t be done elsewhere in the country, unlike cookery courses or ATV. The exception is Phi Phi which, although technically part of Krabi Province, can also be visited departing from Phuket (if this will be one of your other stops).

*Must-do itinerary*

Day 1 – The 4 islands cruise
Day 2 – Phi Phi Islands (speed boat)
Day 3 – Tiger Cave temple (+ Hot Springs?)

Longtail boats are, of course, the classic Krabi mode of transport, and the short distance covered in the 4 Islands trip – or an afternoon excursion to Railay Beach – is the perfect way to experience them. Speed boats are recommended for journeys further afield, such as Phi Phi, as the time saved is considerable. For more info on island hopping and boats, see this article.

Visitors who do opt for this classic itinerary should also be aware that these sights are the most popular – and therefore the most crowded – in Krabi: even “private trips” only remove the people inside your transport, not on site. The only way to avoid crowds are to go outside of the peak visiting times (9.30am – 3.30pm) used by the organised tour groups.

Coming soon will be some classic, tried and tested hotels for those who don’t wish to spend hours searching. Below, we also provide links to the best all-round restaurants in Krabi so you know where and what to eat.

Best of Krabi

Phi Phi Islands
The 4 Islands
Tiger Cave Temple
Railay Beach
Top ten must see and dos
Top ten Thai restaurants

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