How to plan your Krabi holidays

If you’re interested in visiting Krabi but don’t know where to start, this page will attempt to answer some commonly asked questions about the area.

Why Krabi?

Get a taste of what is on offer to holidaymakers in Krabi, whether you are travelling as a family, a couple or solo, and how you can make it happen.

How to get to Krabi

What are the best ways of travelling to Krabi? Find out the various options for flights, bus and road routes, as well as getting here by train or boat.

Getting around Krabi

Find out the best ways to get around the wider Krabi area once you are here, including public transport, taxis and private rental options for both land and sea.

Krabi Airport

Find out everything you need to know about Krabi Airport: the best ways to get there and away (taxis, bus and private transfers) and what services are provided inside.

Krabi budget planner

How much spending money should you bring to Krabi? We list prices for common items, activities and meals in the Krabi area to help you plan your budget.

When to visit Krabi

Krabi enjoys a tropical climate with the temperature rarely dropping below 27C in the daytime, year round (the average is around 32C). There are two […]

Packing advice for Krabi

What to bring to Krabi – and what to leave at home. We offer advice to help you pack light for your Krabi vacation, at any time of the year.

Suggested itineraries for a holiday in Krabi

Here we share some of the best itinerary plans for a 3 night stay, and for everyone from active adventurers to sun and sea junkies. We’ve even included a plan for a “free” holiday! (no entry fees).

Classic Krabi: must dos and sees

If you have limited time in Krabi, you may just be looking for a quick list of the “must-see” highlights. We round up the most popular sights here.

Family holidays in Krabi

A beach holiday in a destination like Krabi makes for an ideal family getaway. There is a large selection of family accommodation, as well as plenty of outdoor activities to keep the little – and big – ones occupied.

Krabi Hotels and Resorts

The lowdown on accommodation in Krabi: how to choose a hotel, how the seasons work, and our recommended places to book for every hotel category.

Maps of Krabi

Public place markers on Krabi maps are hit and miss affairs: get up-to-date, accurate information here with our free custom Krabi Google maps

Muslim friendly travel in Krabi

Krabi is not only the most beautiful destination in Thailand, it is also Muslim-friendly! Find out where to stay, eat, and pray in our Halal guide to Krabi

Krabi travel insurance

Do I really need to get travel insurance? Unfortunately, in Thailand, the answer is usually “yes”. But why is this, and what should you look for in an insurance policy when travelling to Krabi in particular?

Dealing with a food allergy in Krabi

Dairy and wheat intolerance are fairly common these days; sufferers will be relieved to know that in Krabi, it will be relatively easy to avoid such foods.

Solo travellers to Krabi

More and more people are choosing to explore Krabi alone: we list the precautions to take, and also explore the positive side of solo travel

Krabi for disabled travellers

Krabi – like most of Thailand – is a challenge for wheelchair users, but certainly not one that is insurmountable. Many disabled travellers visit the region each year and facilities are improving.

Halal food in Krabi

Muslim visitors to Krabi should rest assured that it is very easy to find Halal food here, as there is a large (up to 40%) local Muslim population.

Long stay accommodation in Krabi

Finding long-stay accommodation in Krabi in advance of arrival is usually pretty difficult – and not advised at all for the first time visitor.

Sustainable tourism in Krabi

Sustainable tourism is becoming a bigger trend worldwide but what does Krabi have to offer for the ethically minded visitor? Find out here.