Action and adventure in Krabi

Adrenalin junkies will delight in the thrilling adventures Krabi has to offer: from rock climbing to nocturnal cave diving, the incredible natural landscape offers action and adventure at every turn. And the best part is that there is something for everyone, no matter what your skill level.

Krabi’s cliff faces, coral reefs and quiet canyons are ideal soft adventure spots for complete beginners to explore, while extraordinary geographic features such as flooded caves (the deepest in South East Asia), or dramatic rock overhangs out on the islands will challenge even the best technical divers or free climbers.

You can try your hand at kayaking or off-road quad biking, or simply challenge yourself with a trek or mountain bike ride in Krabi’s green interior.

Possible itinerary?

Day 1 – Rock-climbing -> Railay
Day 2 – Kayaking -> Thalane
Day 3 – Ngon Nak trek

There’s also a whole host of awesome man-made adventure activities – go-karting, jungle paintball and even tree canopy zip lines – to keep your heart pounding. Click on the links below to explore more of what is on offer.

The only adventure trips that take a full day, with no other activity possible, are scuba diving (unless you go on a sunset / night diving trip) and white water rafting (though this is quite a tame “adventure” so only recommended if you have nothing else to do). Kayaking and climbing take a minimum 4 – 6 hours round trip, so you could then in theory add a second, shorter activity, such as ziplining or ATV to your day’s itinerary.

Hardcore itinerary ;p

Day 1 – Touchdown 2pm –> ATV adventure
Day 2 – Rock-climbing 1/2 day + Sunset Kayaking = arm workout!!
Day 3 – Discover scuba diving course

For safety and peace of mind, please do also make sure you have adequate travel insurance that covers these types of activities (most standard policies do not). If you don’t have your own insurance already, we have found a company that will cover most adventurous pursuits – check out our travel insurance page for more info.

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